About Me


I consider myself lucky. So many people struggle to find something they love, something they’re good at, and a career all in one. I can happily say the field of advertising has allowed me to do so. I enjoy creating advertisements because they reach such a vast amount of people. The world is your critic, and I like creating something innovative, something someone can react to.

Advertising is the one tool companies must utilize in order to increase their brand equity. Therefore, an ad is an artwork that doesn’t just strive for a response, it demands a response. I create efficiently. I create fast. I create with the consumer in mind, and the company in heart. I love collaboration; In fact, I strive for it. That’s where the best ideas come from, right?

As a recent graduate from the Klein School of Media and Communication at Temple University, I am constantly learning new things and pushing myself to develop as an individual and a professional. In addition to my Bachelor of Arts in Advertising degree, I also graduated with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovative Management through the Fox School of Business. My disposition has allowed me to have numerous opportunities within the field, even as a recent graduate.  Summer before entering my junior year had an internship with Digitas Health Life Brands in Philadelphia as an Associate Producer within the Project Management department. This opportunity gave me valuable insights into the field of advertising and an inside look at the inter-workings of agency life. Throughout my last year and a half at Temple, I served as the Senior Director of External Affairs for Temple University’s Dance Marathon, HootaThon that benefits the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Child Life Department. My position allowed me to oversee and manage all external communications from our organizations- specifically through our Technology, Communications, and Hospital Family Relations Committees.

I've been working at Jofit, a women's apparel company, and an Associate Marketing and Creative Director since June. I started as a Co-Op back in May of 2016, and was hired  as a part time Marketing Coordinator while I was completing my last two semesters. At a small company, I frequently find myself learning new things on a daily basis. Over the last couple months I've learned an immense amount about event marketing, digital marketing, SEO, website back end operations, and print and digital design. 

I look forward to new opportunities that will not only allow me to utilize my current skills, but also help me to develop more as the creative innovator I strive to be.