About Me

As a diehard creative “jack of all trades,” whose goal is to “master it all,” I am constantly eager for new opportunities that challenge me, and push me to think outside of the box! I accredit my disposition to capitalize on critical thinking through the development of creative solutions that drive conversions through Omni-channel platforms to my success thus far. I am extremely driven and self-motivated, but believe that the best ideas stem from teamwork, and having the ability to communicate freely within an environment that supports a common goal.

Within the last three years, I’ve been promoted four times at a small women’s apparel brand titled, Jofit. I started as an eager Graphic Design intern, quickly was recruited to stay beyond the internship program as a Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer, then moved on to Associate Marketing and Creative Director and have been working as the Marketing and Creative Manger for over a year and a half. As an avid thrift shopper who has a passion for renewing, reusing and recycling - I can say candidly that the fast-fashion women’s golf apparel industry didn’t necessarily ignite the electricity I longed for in my first job following my undergraduate career. However, I viewed the opportunity at as a challenge to leap beyond my creative confounds, and learn a whole hell of a lot.

Jofit has an extensive wholesale presence with over 2000 accounts, 2 retail locations, and a booming eCommerce presence. Working in-house with each platform has enabled me to innovate and utilize digital and print design harmoniously to not only drive and increase sales, but also grow the online and real world community of customers through the use of story telling. I have seen the company through two website redesigns, evolved wholesale catalogs that present a much more effective way of selling, designed editorial pieces that drove tangible foot traffic to our retail stores, and was a key player in the development of a new way of online shopping to expand Jofit into a fourth channel of distribution.  From digital look books, email campaigns, web banners, flyers, pop-ups, trade show booths, video brochures, kiosk designs, and an iPad-purchasing program, I can say with the utmost confidence I’ve developed tremendously over the last three years as a marketer and designer.  I’ve furthered my education and received certificates in Email Marketing, Social Media, and Google Analytics. In addition to graphic design, I oversee and manage Jofit’s PPC, Affiliate Networks, SEO, Ambassador Program, Media Production, PR, and have even dabbled within back end web development and copywriting.

I’ve always said throughout my life I’m profoundly lucky to be surrounded by teammates, coworkers, friends, and family who see more in me than I’d ever before been able to seen in myself. Throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate career, I’ve been chosen to rise through the ranks into leadership positions that I quite frankly – had no idea how I would perform in. Now, I know that I can rise up to any challenge thrown at me, and am on the fast track to a success-ridden future. 

I thrive in fast-paced work environments; have never missed a deadline, and am constantly looking to learn more. My excitement for meeting new people, trying new things, experiencing new environments, and participating in activities that I’ve never done make me who I am.  I am inspired by people around me, and am a firm believer that the only dumb ideas are the ones that aren’t shared. I’ve created work environments over the last 5 years that are a breeding ground for infectious collaboration and growth. I value the members on my team tremendously, and allow them to build off their strengths while delving into their own interests.

Have a question, want to see more, or looking to collaborate? Just shoot me an email at meganeschmittcreative@gmail.com. I’m constantly looking forward to new opportunities that will not only allow me to utilize my current skills, but also help me to develop more as the creative innovator I strive to be.