Jofit Apparel 

My time at Jofit Apparel as a Marketing and Design Co-Op in May of 2016, following the summer I was requested to stay on as a Marketing Coordinator throughout the duration of my senior year at Temple University. After graduation I was promoted to Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer, and now am working as an Associate Marketing and Creative Director. Throughout my time with Jofit I have gained valuable marketing knowledge and experience, and furthered my education into the realm of print and digital design for an Omni-channel brand. Below is just a sampling of the various type of work I do on a day to day basis, I also create presentations for our sales force, art direct video production, and have begun development on an IPad Placement Program.  If you wish to see more of any of the following collateral - just ask! 

(Megan’s) level of skill and professionalism made it easy to forget that she hasn’t graduated yet. If I had to give (Megan) a grade for her work this summer, it would be an A +.
— Chris Snee, Former Creative Director of Jofit (August, 2016)

Printed collateral

Throughout my time at Jofit I have completed numerous printed collateral projects. Below is a sampling of a few of my favorites. 



To the left is a catalog I designed as a wholesale tool for our sales representatives. It contains images, descriptions, and key selling features for Jofit's 2018 collections titled, "Bubbly." View the entire catalog here.


Magazine Ads 

Throughout  my time at Jofit I have created a series of print advertisements and flyers to promote new arrivals and events at our Brick and Mortar Locations in Jupiter, FL and Newport Beach, CA.  

Magazine Ad.jpg


A campaign I came up with to illustrate why women should try Jofit, placed in Newport Beach Lifestyle Magazine. 

Click here to download the full version of the ad you see above, and here to view the second ad in the series.


Business Cards

Designed for the whole team in an effort to create consistent brand messaging in a clean and clear way. 



Designed to be placed as branding elements on tangible garments. 

Jofit van wrap

As a sales team tool, we have two vans that travel around the country to various wholesale account events, such as trunk shows and tournaments. I was tasked with designing a branded wrap to encompass the van. 



Digital marketing and content is a huge part of any current branding strategy. At Jofit I've had the opportunity to complete a range of different campaigns including email blasts, social media, digital lookbooks, web banners, affiliate program ads, web pop-ups, and more. 


Email Blasts

Below are examples of email blasts I've created.


Digital lookbooks

Designed for the release of each new collection. 


The above pop-up was designed in order to gauge interest from our existing customers, and collect emails from new customers for our new division of our company.  

Click here to download the fullspan lookbook that the pop-up linked to.  



Below are two examples of video ads that I worked with our media coordinator to art direct and product in order to create buzz for the launch of our new Signature collection.


Product Laydowns

Art directed shoots of product laydowns to utilize as creative assets for launch of our college division.