HootaThon at Temple university

HootaThon is Temple University's Dance Marathon that benefits the Child Life Department at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I held the position of Senior Director of External Affairs for HootaThon where I oversaw all aspects of communication throughout the organization and primarily focus on social media, technology, managing the website, coordinating events, and hospital family relations. 


Social Engagement 

Our goal for HootaThon 2017 was to unite Temple's campus For The Kids at CHOP. It's my sincerest hope that we provide cause connection across social media. As the primary facilitator for all social campaigns, I also art directed our designated graphic designer!


For a unifying registration push we allocated graphics to be utilized for cover photos as well as the provide picture to unify HootaThon's current dancers while promoting the close of registration. 


take back the night at temple university | guerilla marketing

Temple University hosted a TBTN event spring of my sophomore year.  I was recruited to help raise awareness about the event that raises awareness for sexual assault. I created social media pages for the event, as well as created a Hootsuite account to unify them and help to schedule and monitor content. I also organized flyer hangings to spread the word around campus as a guerilla marketing tactic.